MAG-CO2 welding wire

– Reduce the percentage of pollution

– High speed and uninterrupted welding, due to the use of continuous feeding of welding wire

– High weld permeability due to the use of carbon dioxide



MAG shielded welding wire

MAG welding wire is a type of silicon manganese alloy welding wire in two types with copper coating and without copper coating (ER70S-6, G3Si1) which is used for welding metal arcs with GMAW shielding gas.

MAG welding wire is a kind of silicon magnesium alloy in two types with and without copper coating that being used in welding metal arc with GMAW protective gas.

Welding current: +DC

Shielding gas: Pure CO2 or mix (80% Ar + 20% CO2)


  • Great start
  • Wireless feeding at high speeds
  • Long feeding intervals
  • Very stable arc at high current intensities
  • Low vapor emission
  • Reduce erosion on the wire contact surface inside the nozzle
  • Proper protection of the wire against corrosion


  • Construction steels
  • Fine-grained steels
  • Pipe steel
  • Boiler steels and pressure vessels
  • High temperature steels
  • Shipbuilding steels
  • Casting steels

Chemical composition of welding wire:

S: 0.035 MAX             P: 0.025 MAX             Mn: 1.40-1.85             Si: 0.80-1.15             C: 0.06-0.15

Mechanical properties of pure weld metal:

Tensile strength (MPa): 480min              Stretch percentage: 22min             Surrender pressure (MPa): 400min


Voltage (v) Current (A) Wire diameter Arc type
11-9 25-85 0.80 Short Arc
20-24 110-150 1.00 Short Arc
17-28 230-285 1.20 Short Arc
35-44 280-340 1.20 Short Arc
35-44 280-480 1.60 Short Arc


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