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Welcome to APIT, the Pinnacle of Galvanized Wire and Welding Electrode Solutions!

APIT is a key player in the global market, dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of top-notch galvanized wires and robust welding electrodes designed to meet the intricate needs of contemporary industries. Our brand is synonymous with durability, excellence, and innovation in the production and distribution of essential welding supplies.

Our extensive range of galvanized wire products stands out for their superior corrosion resistance and exceptional tensile strength, making them ideal for a vast array of applications including construction, manufacturing, and various industrial processes. Likewise, our welding electrodes are engineered to deliver flawless welds, with a focus on consistency, optimal fusion, and adherence to the strictest safety standards.

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Introduction Gargoor

Gargoor is a dome shaped fish trap made of metal mesh wire with a funnel shaped entrance allowing easy access for fish at the front, and an escape panel allowing undersized fish to escape at the back.

Applications Gargoor

Steel rope or wire rope

It is a type of rope that is made of steel fibers and is a set of wire, wire layer and core. Steel fibers are spirally twisted together and form a rope, a number of ropes are also spirally twisted together around a core and form a thicker rope.

Wire rope can have four general textures:

  • Seale texture
  • Filler texture
  • Warrington texture
  • standard texture

Wire rope in terms of wire material

In general, steel ropes are made from one of the following three types of primary material:

  • Uncoated or non-galvanized steel wire
  • Galvanized steel wire
  • Stainless steel wire

Types of Wire rope application

  • Elevator Wire rope
  • Non-rotating Wire rope
  • Drilling Wire rope
  • Steel Wire rope
  • Restraining Wire rope
  • twing Wire rope
  • Wire rope Climber

Introduction Greenhouse

Greenhouses allow for greater control over the growing environment of plants. Depending upon the technical specification of a greenhouse, key factors which may be controlled include temperature, levels of light and shade, irrigation, fertilizer application, and atmospheric humidity. Greenhouses are often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplants. The relatively closed environment of a greenhouse has its own unique management requirements, compared with outdoor production.

Features of our greenhouse products

Any type of greenhouse cultivation requires special equipment, the most important part in the production of greenhouse products is galvanized wires.These wires, with high resistance to moisture inside the greenhouse, prepare the necessary space and special conditions for plant growth.
Therefore, it can be claimed that without creating a network of galvanized wires and containment wires, a high quality product cannot be obtained in the greenhouse.

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APIT, is in a position to provide strategy, marketing, commercial and technical consultation due to our qualified and experienced staff. we insist on honesty & professionalism as our service concept.

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